The Silver Brumby (1993) - FULL MOVIE HD - Family Movie

The Silver Brumby (1993) - FULL MOVIE HD - Family Movie

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The magic of the mountain. The obsession of a man. The beauty of The Silver Brumby.

From Elyne Mitchell’s international best-seller of the same name comes a magnificent tale about the greatest brumby that ever lived, The Silver Brumby. The Silver Brumby is revered by all, including his greatest enemy, Man. For years men have tried to claim the elusive brumby as their prize – with no success. Now one horseman (Russell Crowe), determined to challenge the might of the wild stallion, sets off on an unforgettable adventure – to capture the horse that according to legend, could never be tamed.

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Based on the characters created by Elyne Mitchell in her classic series of “Silver Brumby” novels, The Silver Brumby Animation Series relates the adventures of the magnificent silver colt Thowra and his brothers Storm and Arrow.

Together with their friends, the bush animals, the wild horses meet the challenges of life in the bush and battle to avoid capture by Man. Each episode is a self-contained story of adventure, friendship and daring set against...


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película completa last of the dogmen, con audio original subtitulado en español. Vídeo subtitulado y subido por mi. Disfrútenlo!


Más películas y series entra en mi otro canal:


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In order to secure the position of Head of Pediatrics at a top Chicago hospital, a young, highly accomplished, pediatrician agrees to spend a summer setting up a clinic in a small town in the North Carolina mountains. Clashing against the ways of the small community he is forced to deal with the recent loss of his wife while reconnecting with his 9 year old son, and learning a different pace of life. Country Remedy is uplifting story of the healing power of family and community.

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РОДЕО (1997, 101 мин) Смоки Бенкс је извикани јахач бикова који је постао тежек пијаница. Након „позајмљивања" једног камионета покушавајући да врати своју камп приколицу коју је покупио паук, бива осуђен на друштвено корисни рад на ранчу на коме су смештена деца напуштених родитеља. Један од дечака, Дени, зна Смокијеву биографију, и тражи да га Смоки научи да јаше бика. Зато време успева да промени Смокијев живот.****

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تدور احداث فيلم The Revenant ” العائد ” تلخص قصة الفيلم حيث فى عام 1820 ساكن الحدود يدعى هيو زجاج يحدد على طريق الانتقام ضد الذين تركوة ليموت بعد ان قام بالقتال مع الدب وجعله عاجز عن الحركة.

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Lightning Jack is a 1994 Western comedy film written by and starring Paul Hogan, as well as Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beverly D'Angelo.


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Half-sisters Willa, Tess, and Lily Mercy are left their wealthy father's multimillion-dollar estate, including his Montana ranch, after his death. The only stipulation is that the women will have to live with each other for a year.
Having never previously met, the three sisters, who have very different personalities, agree to the strange situation (mostly because each of their 1/3rd share is worth 8 million dollars), despite having reservations about their forced family 'reunion'. The biggest problem the women face, however, is the discovery of a saboteur in their midst.
It seems that when their father died, he left some bitter enemies behind, enemies who would love to see his daughters fail. Now, in order to get what is rightfully theirs, the three siblings will have to work harder than ever before to clean up the mess their father left behind.
During their trial, all three find love, and realize that maybe their situation wasn't such a bad thing after all.

CAST: Ashley Williams as Willa Mercy; John Corbett as Ben McKintock; Charlotte Ross as Tess Mercy; Diane Ladd as Bess; Laura Mennell as Lily Mercy; Nathaniel Arcand as Adam Wolfchild;...

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North America's Wild Horses

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I wrote, directed and produced this documentary film on wild horses/mustangs in the US Rocky Mountains area back in 2002. So my comprehensive CV/Resume also states filmmaker :) It was a coproduction with Swedish national broadcaster SVT, and the film was broadcast worldwide, including France, Italy, Spain and the US. My father and veterinarian Lennart Curt Østblom plays a major part in the film. Help save these magnificent animals under threat. Here you have the film in it its full-length English language version, 50 min. Enjoy and help to preserve!

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De best-seller international de Elyne Mitchell du même nom vient d'un magnifique conte sur le plus grand brumby qui ait jamais vécu, The Silver Brumby. The Silver Brumby est vénéré par tous, y compris son plus grand ennemi, Man. Pendant des années, les hommes ont essayé de réclamer le brumby insaisissable que leur prix - sans succès. Maintenant, un cavalier (Russell Crowe), déterminé à contester la puissance de l'étalon sauvage, se lance dans une aventure inoubliable - pour capturer le cheval qui, selon la légende, ne pourrait jamais être apprivoisé.

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Spectacles populaires sur Kidvid en Français comprennent Rosie et Jim (série animée), Leo le camion Inquisitive, le Dr Mac Wheeley, Max la Pelle,...

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Intrepid frontiersman Chris Holden foils the political and personal ambitions of renegade Martin Garth in the Ohio Valley following the French and Indian War.

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03:00:05March 27, 2016, 8:29 pm
XIII The Conspiracy 2008

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Watch XIII The Conspiracy full movie and don't forget to subscribe our channel & like the video for more crime & drama movies

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Le dernier trappeur HD- VF

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Le dernier trappeur en vf en HD.

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When troubled, cynical teen Rick chooses service at a camp for the blind over serving time at a correctional facility, he thinks he's found the easy way out. Instead, it's the way to a new life. Friendship. Step by step, as Rick helps a blinded Gymnast rediscover the joys of competition through equestrian show jumping.

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Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger 1970 مترجم

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Channel: Popcornflix & Total View: 518834

Add Date: February 11, 2016, 2:52 pm & Duration: 01:47:40

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wild horse wild ride, wild horses wild ride, wild horse wild ride full movie, mustang makeover, wild horse wild, wild horse wild ride documentary, Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge, horse documentary, horse movies full, Full movies, western movies full length free, full movies to watch on youtube for free, PG movies, documentary films, horse movies full movie english, Western movies full length, wild horses

Each year, the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge sees 100 people from across the country attempt to tame a wild mustang in 100 days. Following this harrowing feat is a public showcase that determines whether these horses can be saved from a life in captivity. "Wild Horse, Wild Ride" provides a fascinating glimpse at the incredible relationship between man and animal.

Directed: Alex Dawson, Greg Gricus
Cast: Alex Dawson, Greg Gricus
Rated PG

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Escape To Grizzly Mountain ( 1999 )Escape To Grizzly Mountain ( 1999 )
01:30:54January 8, 2016, 7:08 pm
Escape To Grizzly Mountain ( 1999 )

Channel: SHIELDAgent04 & Total View: 595414

Add Date: January 8, 2016, 7:08 pm & Duration: 01:30:54

Likes: 1946 | Dislike: 207

Dan Haggerty, Escape To Grizzly Mountain, Miuntains, Grizzly Bears, Time Travle

I do not own this movie this movie is copyrighted

The Life of Duncan MacLeod - Part 1 - The 17th Century

Channel: 3rdWheel & Total View: 1093017

Add Date: May 7, 2017, 5:23 am & Duration: 02:37:42

Likes: 3842 | Dislike: 421

Highlander, MacLeod, Duncan MacLeod, 17th Century, 1600s, Flashback, History, Europe, Scotland, England, Highlands, France, Italy

All the flashbacks from Highlander: The Series in chronological order.

Part 1 - 17th Century

1606 - Glenfinnan - S05E02 Prophecy
1618 - Glenfinnan - S04E01 Homeland
1622 - Scottish Highlands - S01E02 Family Tree
1624 - Glenfinnan - S04E01 Homeland
1625 - Scottish Highlands - S05E20 Archangel
1630 - Rural Scotland - S02E20 Prodigal Son
1634 - Scottish Highlands - S06E06 Black Tower
1634 - Rural France - S01E16 The Beast Below
1635 - Verona - S02E19 Legacy
1637 - Verona - S03E15 Star-Crossed
1639 - Florence - S01E22 The Hunters
1640 - France - S06E05 Patient Number 7
1653 - Algiers - S03E21 Finalé
1657 - Northern Italy - S05E03 The End Of Innocence
1658 - Monastery of St Christopher - S03E14 Song of the Executioner
1659 - Normandy - S04E10 Chivalry
1660 - Normandy - S04E10 Chivalry
1660 - Rural France - S01E17 Saving Grace
1663 - Rural England - S04E11 Timeless
1665 - England - S03E09 Shadows
1670 - Rural Scotland - S02E14 Unholy Alliance I
1696 - France - S04E19 Till Death

The Winter Stallion (1992) Daniel J. Travanti, Lynette Davies, Siân MacLean

Channel: protectnature & Total View: 231598

Add Date: December 15, 2017, 12:22 pm & Duration: 01:35:03

Likes: 741 | Dislike: 89

family movies, animal movies, movies about horses, horse movies, love of horses, welsh, free movies, stallion, white, christmas movies, equestrian, welsh farm, Meredith Edwards, Patrick Loomer, Eric Wyn, Vale of Glamorgan, for all ages, hallmark, drama, daniel j. travanti, lynette davies, Siân MacLean, Peter Edwards, British movies, horse riding, in winter, pony, for girls, pet

The Winter Stallion is a 1992 British television Technicolor film directed by Peter Edwards and starring Daniel J. Travanti; it is also known as The Christmas Stallion. A Welsh language version titled Eira Cynta'r Gaeaf was filmed back-to-back and broadcast on S4C, which produced the film.

Directed by Peter Edwards
Produced by Peter Edwards
Written by Paul Matthews
Starring Daniel J. Travanti, Lynette Davies, Siân MacLean
Music by Larry Brown, Richard Glasser
Cinematography Peter Thornton
Edited by Keith Palmer
Filming Location: Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Christian Slater (Pursued) A Corporate Thriller Movie Rated R

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(Plus The Late Michael Clarke Duncan, Gil Bellows & Estella Warren)

Wild Times (Part One)Wild Times (Part One)
01:38:20May 4, 2017, 8:31 am
Wild Times (Part One)

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Western, Sam Elliot, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Boxleitner, Hugh Cardiff, Mini-Series

A sharpshooting saddle tramp with a price on his head falls for the daughter of a wealthy ranch owner. He vows to win enough money in shooting contests to win her father's approval, but when he returns years later, he finds she has married another man who is jealous of her affections. The husband tries to have a murder warrant served on the drifter; shoots him in the back and when and hires a gambler to murder the man. None of these attempts on the drifter's life kills him and when the wife leaves him, the husband goes gunning for the drifter, now the star of a Wild West show.

I do not own the rights to this video.

WOLF TOWN Full Movie | English WOLF MOVIES | Latest English Movies

Channel: Biscoot Filmy Talkies & Total View: 6600274

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Wolf Town, Wolf Town Full Movie, Wolf Town Movie, Full Movie Wolf Town, English Wolf Movies, Latest English Movies 2016, english movies 2016 full movie, english movie, english movies, Wolf Movies, english full movies, Full English Movies, english movies 2016, wolf town film, dog movies, english films, english film, wolf movies english, wolftown, wolf, bhediyon ka aatank, english wolf movie, englishmovies, english movie wolf town, wolf movie english, english full movie 2018

Watch 'Wolf Town' Hollywood Full Movie. Directed by John Rebel, and starring Alicia Ziegler, Levi Fiehler, Max Adler.

Synopsis:- Kyle, a shy college student finds himself and three of his friends trapped in an old western ghost town by a pack of ferocious wolves and has to overcome his personal fears to confront the wolves and lead his friends to safety.

Director: John Rebel
Writers: Paul Hart-Wilden (screenplay), Asabi Lee (screenplay), 1 more credit »
Stars: Alicia Ziegler, Levi Fiehler, Max Adler

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The Bravados (Classic Western, Full Movie, GREGORY PECK, English) *free full western films*

Channel: Grjngo - Western Movies & Total View: 349696

Add Date: June 16, 2018, 6:57 am & Duration: 01:37:47

Likes: 1054 | Dislike: 91

western, western movies, western feature films, full length feature films, full length movies, cowboys, wild west, full length, western movie, movies, entire western movie, entire movies, full movie, watch films online, full movie youtube, full length feature film, classic western movies, western movies full length, cowboy movies, western movies full length free, classic western movies full length, westerns full movies to watch on youtube for free, cowboy movies full movies

Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English: (1958)
The Bravados (original title), 1h 38min, Drama, Western.

The Bravados is a 1958 American western film (color by DeLuxe) directed by Henry King, starring Gregory Peck and Joan Collins. The CinemaScope film was based on a novel of the same name, written by Frank O'Rourke.

A man is chasing four outlaws who killed his wife and finds them in a small town's jail but they escape to Mexico.

Director: Henry King
Writers: Philip Yordan (screenplay), Frank O'Rourke (novel)
Stars: Gregory Peck, Joan Collins, Stephen Boyd

COPYRIGHT: All of the films published by us are legally licensed. We have acquired the rights (at least for specific territories) from the rightholders by contract. If you have questions please send an email to: [email protected]

PLOT (Wikipedia): Jim Douglas (Gregory Peck) is a rancher pursuing four outlaws after the murder of his wife six months before. He rides into Rio Arriba, where four men, Alfonso Parral (Lee Van Cleef), Bill Zachary (Stephen Boyd), Ed Taylor (Albert Salmi) and Lujan (Henry Silva), are in jail awaiting execution, by hanging, for an unrelated murder. Sheriff Eloy Sanchez (Herbert Rudley) allows Douglas to see the...

Return of Josey Wales [1986 Full Movie]Return of Josey Wales [1986 Full Movie]
01:28:01April 9, 2016, 6:29 pm
Return of Josey Wales [1986 Full Movie]

Channel: kewrock & Total View: 523900

Add Date: April 9, 2016, 6:29 pm & Duration: 01:28:01

Likes: 834 | Dislike: 353

western, clint, eastwood, cowboy, horse, movie, michael parks, outlaw, josey, wales

Low budget sequel to the famous Clint Eastwood movie. Michael Parks produced, directed and stars in this film. It's not half bad if it weren't for the poor sound recording and natural dialogue style that sounds like mumbling. Degraded VHS quality rip. Sorry.

Wilderness Love (full movie)Wilderness Love (full movie)
01:27:07May 27, 2015, 12:18 am
Wilderness Love (full movie)

Channel: Mo Vies & Total View: 1642050

Add Date: May 27, 2015, 12:18 am & Duration: 01:27:07

Likes: 3141 | Dislike: 431

Wilderness Love, full movie, full movies, love movies, love, comedy, romance, film, new movie, hallmark, hallmark movie, lifetime, lifetime movie

Wilderness Love

In Alaska, Susannah Stanton and Jesse Stanton divorced two years ago. They have two daughters, the teenager Bridget and the young girl Hannah, and a young son, Sam, and they are good friends. Jesse lives in an isolated ranch, where he receives guests for fishing and tracking, and he depends on his plane to go to the city of Anchorage, where Susannah has a restaurant. They separated because Susannah felt bored and lonely in the ranch. Susannah is dating a lawyer, and their children decide to find a woman for Jesse, sending a letter to a popular magazine called Alaskan Love. He receives a large number of replies, and the children later feel that probably his perfect match is Susannah, and they try to arrange a plan to bring them together.

Wild Horses - Western english Best CowboyWild Horses - Western english Best Cowboy
01:44:19August 16, 2015, 1:14 pm
Wild Horses - Western english Best Cowboy

Channel: James Hinkle & Total View: 307564

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Wild Horses - Western english Best Cowboy

english Plot: Cactus Jack Slade ...Fanning has his men rustle horses and then blame it on a wild horse named Wildfire. Happy and Alkali arrive and immediately get into trouble with Fanning and ...

C. Thomas Howell ([email protected]) 2003 - An Internet Thriller Movie Rated R

Channel: M1ster Mov1eBuff & Total View: 58080

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(Rated R)

(It Was Just A Prank Bro!)

Hallmark Movies - Good Hallmark Release Family Moives

Channel: Joseph E. Gibbs & Total View: 1482379

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Hallmark Movies, Good Hallmark, hallmark Release Moives, Family mOives

(Burt Reynolds) (Theresa Russell) (Physical Evidence) 1989 Crime Drama Mystery Thriller Movie

Channel: M1ster Mov1eBuff & Total View: 165968

Add Date: June 11, 2018, 4:14 am & Duration: 01:39:23

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(Rated R - Bluray)

(A debutante public defender (Theresa Russell) takes the case of a police detective (Burt Reynolds) who's suspected of murder.)

American Mustang Documentary 2013 HD1080pAmerican Mustang Documentary 2013 HD1080p
01:08:37April 10, 2016, 6:38 am
American Mustang Documentary 2013 HD1080p

Channel: Tung Tran & Total View: 334535

Add Date: April 10, 2016, 6:38 am & Duration: 01:08:37

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American, Mustang, 2013, 1080p, horse, Cowboy, horse farm

Fueled by stunning footage, this stirring documentary considers wild horses' role in the American psyche and their dwindling numbers in today's West. In an artful blend of exquisite nature documentary and character-driven narrative, the majestic wild horses of the American West are revealed in stereoscopic 3D as never before. The wonder in a girl’s eye pulls us into the drama that unfolds on hundreds of millions of acres of public land. The battle lines have long been carved into the landscape, and the players are deeply entrenched. Yet as the subtle choreography that has evolved over thousands of years begins, we are captivated. The intricate dance between a man and a wild horse presents lessons for us all, even the battle-hardened special interest groups fighting for the place of the AMERICAN MUSTANG.

The Echo of Thunder (1998)The Echo of Thunder (1998)
01:27:04March 2, 2018, 6:06 pm
The Echo of Thunder (1998)

Channel: TVCollection & Total View: 875307

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Starring: Emily Browning, Judy Davis, Jamey Sheridan
Based on the novel Thunderwith by Australian children's author Libby Hathorn.

Once Upon a Texas Train - Full Movie (PG)Once Upon a Texas Train - Full Movie (PG)
01:30:47February 8, 2016, 9:14 am
Once Upon a Texas Train - Full Movie (PG)

Channel: Popcornflix & Total View: 554102

Add Date: February 8, 2016, 9:14 am & Duration: 01:30:47

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Richard Widmark and WIllie Nelson star in this story of an outlaw cowboy who is freed after 20 years behind bars and is seeking revenge against the now retired Texas Ranger who put him there.

Directed: Burt Kennedy
Cast: Angie Dickinson, Richard Widmark, Willie Nelson, Shaun Cassidy

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Alison Eastwood (2006) Crime Drama Thriller Rated R

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(Rated R - Starring 1 of Clint Eastwood's Daughters)

Wind Dancer (1993) Mel Harris, Brian Keith, Matt McCoy, Reanin Simpson, Pamela Guest

Channel: protectnature & Total View: 474605

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pamela guest, nicholas guest, reanin simpson, matt mccoy, mel harris, brian keith, horse movies, movies about horses, horse training, pet horses, pet horse, family movies, family drama, full film, family adventure, outdoors, equestrian, pony, children's, pre-teen, young horse, riders, saddle for girls, saddle for boys, riding accident, heartwarming, cowgirl, craig clyde, western

When a young girl is injured by a riding accident, she overcomes her injury with the help of her family and her beloved horse.

Director, Writer: Craig Clyde

Ione Skye 2006 Crime Drama Thriller Hostage Movie Rated R

Channel: M1ster Mov1eBuff & Total View: 235313

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(Rated R)

(Richard Gere) (Kevin Anderson) 1988 - Crime Drama Thriller Flick Rated R

Channel: M1ster 80zBuff & Total View: 96781

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(Rated R)

(Plus Small Roles by Helen Hunt, Penelope Ann Miller, Laurie Metcalf & John Malkovich)

Nature Documentary Cloud s Legacy The Wild Stallion Returns National Geographic

Channel: Preston E. Hernandez & Total View: 2792719

Add Date: November 22, 2015, 9:47 pm & Duration: 00:52:29

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Nature Documentary Cloud s Legacy The Wild Stallion Returns National Geographic

The Proud Rebel Online Alan Ladd Western FULL MOVIEThe Proud Rebel Online Alan Ladd Western FULL MOVIE
01:50:26February 2, 2012, 10:37 pm
The Proud Rebel Online Alan Ladd Western FULL MOVIE

Channel: WesternsOnTheWeb & Total View: 1594000

Add Date: February 2, 2012, 10:37 pm & Duration: 01:50:26

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Alan Ladd, Shane, western, movie, full length, Steve McQueen, Nevada Smith, watch, free, movies, online hundreds of free westerns . The Proud Rebel online western stars Alan Ladd and Olivia de Havilland . With commentary by Bob Terry . This movie also has Alan Ladds son David Ladd, Dean Jagger, James Westerfield , Cecil Kellaway , Henry Hull , Harry Dean Stanton , Tom Pittman, John Carradine, King the dog. This is a story of Alan Ladd as John Chandler trying to find a cure for his son losing his speach. There are many Alan Ladd western movies and this one is a good one. Alan Ladd will always be most remembered for his title role in the movie western Shane . Alan Ladd started in Hollywood in 1932 with an uncredited role in the movie Tom Brown of Culver and made his last movie as Nevada Smith in The Carpetbaggers in 1964 . The Nevada Smith character was later used again in what was really a prequel to The Carpetbaggers in a 1965 western titled Nevada Smith Starring Steve McQueen.

500 Miles - The Story of Ranchers and Horses (2017)500 Miles - The Story of Ranchers and Horses (2017)
00:37:15November 12, 2017, 11:41 am
500 Miles - The Story of Ranchers and Horses (2017)

Channel: /r/Documentaries & Total View: 619677

Add Date: November 12, 2017, 11:41 am & Duration: 00:37:15

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documentary, 500, miles, horse, horses, cowboy, rancher., america, ranch, 500 miles, 2017, reddit, r documentaries

Filmed and Created by: Heroes and Horses

The purpose of this innovative short film is to start a new, universally-understood conversation around the necessity of struggle, challenge and perseverance as they relate to creating meaning in one's life - without one, you cannot have the other. The 500 Miles film communicates the importance of this concept by telling the story of the un-purposed wild mustang and the un-purposed veteran, following both as they learn to face and navigate challenges, with the ultimate goal of discovering what their greater purpose in life is. For these mustangs, the arduous 500 mile journey through New Mexico and Arizona was their purpose-defining challenge, but we all have our own version of a "500 mile journey". It's the moments in life when we choose to buck up instead of give up. When we choose to take the unbeaten path instead of the easy road. It's the moments that force us to take a hard look at ourselves, and the decisions we have been making, and decide if we have been letting life happen to us, or for us.

So, the question is: What's your 500?


Visit for more!

The Lost Child (2000)The Lost Child (2000)
01:38:57June 23, 2016, 8:27 pm
The Lost Child (2000)

Channel: Bill H & Total View: 797729

Add Date: June 23, 2016, 8:27 pm & Duration: 01:38:57

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An adopted woman raised Jewish (Married and with 2 Children) finds out her real heritage is Native American. She returns to the Reservation where her biological family still lives and meets Her Father & Sisters and learns about the life she never knew

The Wild and the Innocent (1959)The Wild and the Innocent (1959)
01:21:23May 24, 2016, 9:29 pm
The Wild and the Innocent (1959)

Channel: Chris Johnson & Total View: 779133

Add Date: May 24, 2016, 9:29 pm & Duration: 01:21:23

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Audie Murphy, Joanne Dru, Gilbert Roland, Jim Backus, Sandra Dee, George Mitchell, Peter Breck, Strother Martin, Wesley Marie Tackitt, Betty Harford, Mel Leonard, Lillian Adams, Val Benedict, Jim Sheppard, Edson Stroll

Audie Murphy ... Yancy
Joanne Dru ... Marcy
Gilbert Roland ... Paul
Jim Backus ... Mr. Forbes
Sandra Dee ... Rosalie
George Mitchell ... Uncle Lije
Peter Breck ... Chip
Strother Martin ... Ben Stocker
Wesley Marie Tackitt ... Ma Ransome
Betty Harford ... Mrs. Forbes
Mel Leonard ... Pitchman
Lillian Adams ... Kiri
Val Benedict ... Richie
Jim Sheppard ... Henchman
Edson Stroll ... Henchman (as Ed Stroll)

Virginia's Run (2002)Virginia's Run (2002)
01:44:56January 29, 2013, 9:18 am
Virginia's Run (2002)

Channel: Serafeim Panagiotakis & Total View: 1122718

Add Date: January 29, 2013, 9:18 am & Duration: 01:44:56

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A Lenda do Cavalo PrateadoA Lenda do Cavalo Prateado
01:28:00September 14, 2013, 1:26 am
A Lenda do Cavalo Prateado

Channel: Lucia Moretzsohn & Total View: 5564371

Add Date: September 14, 2013, 1:26 am & Duration: 01:28:00

Likes: 9499 | Dislike: 1779

A Lenda do Cavalo

A Lenda do Cavalo Prateado (Filme completo).
Legendas em português, favor contatar [email protected]
Lembrando que a legenda foi traduzida do croata, deu imenso trabalho e como todo trabalho, tem que ser valorizado, ou seja, a legenda está à venda! Favor enviar email só quem se interesse em comprar. Obrigada.

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